Agoonoree is a scouting term to describe a camp for young people with special needs.

Each year Scouts Queensland and Guides Queensland invite about 70 children as 'guests' to participate in a week long camp at Baden-Powell Park, Samford.

Some guests may not be able to walk or move freely. 
Some cannot communicate as well as we can or think as easily as we do.
Some may be disadvantaged and not have an opportunity to participate in regular scout activities and meetings.

The camp is organised into six troops of 24 Scouts or Guides. 

A Troop leader leads a trained and dedicated team of adult leaders.

Twelve guests are allocated to the troop and join a patrol who become the guest's carers and buddies for the week.

Venturers, Rangers and Rovers in the troop-lines give guidance and support for the patrols and provide assistance with personal hygiene, dressing and eating.

We even have our own Mobile Agoonoree Scout Hospital providing first aid and medical assistance when needed.

Many campers who have started in troop lines have returned each year progressing through Scouting and Guiding then eventually returning as leaders. 


Clipart of different people holding hands

Agoonoree 2017


Date: 16 - 22 September
Location: BP Park, Samford